Best position to breastfeed your baby

best way to breastfeed

Before you start breastfeeding, remember to be comfortable. Sitting uncomfortably for too long while nursing your baby can hurt your body. Get everything you need such as a pillow, cushion, socks, rolled towels or blankets. This could help you find a comfortable position to breastfeed your baby. Here, find the best way to breastfeed your baby. 

Cradle hold 

The cradle hold is what most of us imagine breastfeeding would look like. You would have to sit upright while the baby must be positioned on his or her side while the child’s head and neck lay along your forearm. Place the baby’s body against your stomach. 

Always take a mental note to support your back with a pillow or a cushion. A breastfeeding pillow on your lap as well across your lap to support your arm while holding the baby. Your breasts must remain at their natural height so that sore nipples and a strained latch could be avoided. 

However, this position is not always easy for newborn babies because this position does not provide much support as others hold. 

Koala hold

In this position, your baby straddles on your thigh or on your hip. The baby’s back and head must be upright as he feeds. You are able to hold your newborn baby with plenty of support and also an older baby who sits without any need for support. 

This position is optimal for babies who are suffering from reflux or infection in their ear or babies who have a tongue-tie and low muscle tone. 

Cross-cradle hold

The child’s body lies down your opposite forearm, almost like in a cross-cradle hold, but your arms trade places. Because your arm is supporting the child’s neck and shoulders, this is a fantastic hold for newborns. This allows the baby to tilt his or her head for a proper latch. 

As your opposite arm is supporting the baby, you will have more control over the baby’s position. Plus, you can use your free hand to shape your breast

Side-lying position

This position is ideal for nursing in the night and on the bed or sofa. This position could also be comfortable for mothers who just had a C-section. The baby and you have to lie on your sides, belly to belly.   

For C-section mothers: 

Football hold

Also known as the clutch hold, this position is ideal for mothers who just had a C-section, large breasts, premature baby and twins. 

Your baby must be positioned at your side, facing you while the baby’s legs are tucked comfortably under your arm on the same side as your nursing breast. 

The baby’s head must be supported with the same hand and use the other hand to cup your breasts, just like in a cradle hold. 

Laidback breastfeeding

Lay on your back then place your baby’s body across your shoulder. This will help you nurse your child easily without applying pressure or weight on your wound. Side-lying is a good position too.