Jom Apply Time Home Fibre Malaysia

We frequently see banners in Kuala Lumpur that proclaim ” Jom Apply Time Home Fibre Malaysia ” A phrase inviting users to utilize the Time Internet service. What exactly does this invitation imply? How Does Time Home Fiber Work?

Jom Apply Time Home Fibre Malaysia

What Exactly is Time?

TIME dotCom Berhad is a Malaysian internet service provider. The internet service provider is frequently referred to as the greatest. Because Time dotCom Berhad has a location that covers practically every place in Malaysia.

What does the invitation ” Jom Apply Time Home Fibre Malaysia ” mean?

One of TIME dotCom Berhad‘s campaigns is the statement ” Let’s Apply Time Home Fiber Malaysia “, which people frequently read or utilize in their surroundings. The invitation sentence has multiple words. “Jom” means “come on,” “Apply” means “install,” and “Time Home Fiber” is one of the products offered by Time dotCom Berhad. The goal is to encourage people to follow the evolution of the planet. Given that the internet is already influencing more than 85% of human requirements, the existence of a provider is required. The drive from companies to make individuals aware so that they do not become obsolete makes the current generation feel better.

What is Home Fiber?

The internet has become an indispensable component of everyday life. Currently, practically everyone in the town relies on the internet. As is well known, the internet provides several benefits to its users in order for them to do all tasks more quickly. The internet has now succeeded to capture the interest of people from all walks of life. In fact, many parents take full advantage of the internet’s services.

Fiber Optic Internet is an internet service package that uses a Fiber Optic cable network with increased bandwidth capacity up to Gigabit per second data transfer speed and guaranteed network quality of up to 99.5%. This service is appropriate for enterprises that deploy various business applications, such as banking applications, online database applications, SAP apps, and other online applications, because it uses metro ethernet and FTTH technology.

The Benefits of Jom Apply Time Home Fibre Malaysia

Optical fibre is a type of technological advancement in the field of telecommunications. This glass fibre cable network can quickly transform electrical signals into light and send them from one location to another. Fiber optics has various advantages in general, including the following:

  • Small transmission damper to allow for long-distance data transfer.
  • Broad frequency range.
  • Small and light in weight.
  • Because there is no interference or interaction between waves, the network is not harmed.
  • There is a barrier between the transmitter and the receiver. When the fibre optic contacts or disconnects, there is no ground loop and no fire connection. As a result, it is extremely safe to install in flammable areas.
  • Can transport data faster
Jom Apply Time Home Fibre Malaysia

What is the Relation Jom Apply Time Home Fibre Malaysia Internet  to the Industrial Revolution 4.0?

Many Malaysians do not understand what the true meaning of fiber optics is and what is its relation to the industrial revolution 4.0. Fiber optic technology is a transmission line or a kind of cable, made of glass or plastic that is thinner than a hair. This technology serves to transmit signals in the form of light from one place to another.

The light sources that are often used are lasers or LEDs. Fiber optic cable has a diameter of approximately 120 mm. The light in it does not come out because the refractive index in air is smaller than the refractive index of glass.

In addition, because the laser has a very narrow spectrum, the speed of this fiber optic technology is quite high. Thus, it is very suitable for communication channels. Therefore, it is not surprising that many large companies are using it.

More broadly, fiber optics are actually not only beneficial for companies, but also for the wider community. It is divided into two types, namely single mode fiber optic and multimode fiber optic cable. Single mode fiber optic cable has a single transmission to spread light.

Meanwhile, multimode fiber optic cable has many transmissions so that it can spread a lot of light at one time. 

Optical fiber is designed to transmit data over long distances. Its existence shifts the previous connecting cable (copper) because of its higher bandwidth. Well, in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, what are the benefits of this fiber optic technology for companies?

Saving a Company’s Budget or Budget

One of the signs of the industrial revolution 4.0 is the large number of large companies operating in a country. Fiber optic technology can help save a company’s budget or expenses compared to copper cables. In addition, fiber optic cable is considered more effective in absorbing the internet network so that the company’s operations become smoother.

Connecting Internet, TV and Telephone Channels in One Line

Because it has a very thin fiber, optical fiber is able to connect several telecommunications networks at once with only one line. Of course, this is very easy for the company because with just one product they get three channels at once.

Speed ​​up Data Delivery

As previously explained, this fiber cable has very thin fibers, so it can improve performance in data transmission. In addition, it does not have an electric current so there will be no electromagnetic interference and avoid fire.