Liver Transplant: The Causes and The Symptoms

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Did you know? There were over 100 million people worldwide of different ages, races, and gender on the waiting list every year. Organ transplantation is the best treatment for the final stage for those with organ failure, despite the fact that it is being a difficult and complex surgical procedure. 

The procedure of removing an organ from the donor and implanting it into the other person with organ failure through surgery is known as organ transplantation. The surgical procedure is a complex surgery with potential risks of organ rejection.

Among all kinds of organ transplants like heart, kidney, and pancreas transplants, a liver transplant is the second most transplanted organ across the world. 

What is Liver Transplant?

Every human can’t live without a liver as it is a very important part of our organ. The list of people who are in need of liver transplants is increasing, yet there is still a small group of deceased-donor organs found. 

A liver transplant is normally reserved for those who are suffering from severe complications as a result of final-stage chronic liver cirrhosis. In rare circumstances of an unexpected failure of a healthy liver, a liver transplant may be a significant option. 

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A liver transplant is an important surgery for someone with liver failure and it is a life-saving choice. This transplantation involves the removal of a failing liver and the replacement of it with a healthier liver from a deceased donor. Sometimes, this procedure can be carried out if there are living donors who are willing to donate a part of their liver. 

It may seem surprising that a living person can donate his or her liver. However, as a matter of a fact, people can actually live with a part of their liver as it is an organ that can be generated and grow back by itself within a year. 

End-Stage Chronic Liver Disease 

End-stage chronic liver disease, often known as chronic liver failure, develops over months and years. Cirrhosis is a disease in which granulation tissue replaces the healthy liver until it can no longer function properly and it is the most common cause of end-stage chronic liver disease. 

Cirrhosis happens when liver cells are damaged. The scar tissue then forms when there is a chemical or virus that damages the liver. This process is known as fibrosis, and it occurs gradually and slowly over time. 

The most common causes of liver failure include infections caused by viruses like hepatitis B. 

Overuse of certain pharmaceuticals, as well as the usage of other medications such as antibiotics, antidepressants, and anti-seizure medications, drugs, and herbs. Autoimmune hepatitis, for example, is a metabolic or vascular condition.

Symptom of End-Stage Liver Disease

The end-stage liver disease usually does not have any visible signs or symptoms. People with this disease may have abdominal pain and swelling, as well as other symptoms like itchy skin, dark urine color, chronic exhaustion, vomiting or nausea, fatigue, and loss of appetite. 

If you have these symptoms, you might want to go for a medical check-up and seek the best liver doctor in Malaysia to ensure the best condition for your liver health.